Saturday, March 13, 2021

Morning Glory

So what's the story
morning glory
right by your side
biding our time

Still a memory
feel like never ending
we rise into borrowed time
still out of our minds
what a mess we left behind
what new memories are made of

And where are we going
not sure so we keep going
right before our eyes
right back on our own time

So what's the story
morning glory
here we are always
decided by our fate

I still don't mind you
remember what's true
in our own ways
it was a perfect landscape
I don't feel like
give a piece of my time
I know we are out of our minds

I would be right by your side
if it wasn't for the pain you left behind

Tried to see you
tried to feel you
tried to keep it together

Don't wanne wake her up
don't wanna shake her up
just wanna go home home home

And know that I want to
know that I need to
but I can't find no way
out of here

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